5 steps for Mt Kinabalu climb

Step 1 - Plan for itinerary, accommodation and budget

Step 2 - Contact Sutera Sanctuary Lodge

Step 3 - Book flight ticket

Step 4 - Prepare for things to bring

Step 5 - Train up and go

Step 1 - Plan for itinerary, accommodation and budget

Planning is essential for Mt Kinabalu Climb. Getting a package from Mt Kinabalu travel agent can be considered but not necessary as you can get much of information from the Internet. Planning your own trip is economical and most importantly you will be more in control. It is good to relax your mind and body before your climb. Do not try to make your Sabah trip schedule too tight before the climb.

You may start your plan by taking a look at the following sample itinerary for 5 days 4 nights trip.

Sample itinerary of Mt Kinabalu Climb

Accommodation at Kinabalu Park / Mesilau -> refer to

Kinabalu Park lodges

Rock Twin Share lodge at Kinabalu Park

Mesilau Nature Resort

Packages given by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges -> refer to

3 days 2 nights for 1 person - Mesilau -- Laban Rata

4 days 3 nights for 2 persons - Mesilau -- Laban Rata -- Kinabalu Park

Fees -> refer to

Climbing Fees / Mountain Guide Fees / Porter Fees

Step 2 - Contact Sutera Sanctuary Lodges

It is often said that it is good for you to book your accommodation and Mt Kinabalu climb slot 3-6 months in advance.

You may contact Sutera Sanctuary Lodges for accommodation near/at Mount Kinabalu. The accommodataion units are Kinabalu National Park including the low cost Rock Hostel and Grace Hostel, Mesilau Nature Resort including Bishop hostel, Laban Rata Resthouse, Panar Laban Hut, Waras Hut, Gunting Lagadan Hut, etc.

Step 3 - Book flight ticket

Book earlier to get a good price for your flight. If you encounter any good price for Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu flight, quickly book it and then plan for your accommodation and climb slot later. You need at least 4 days 3 nights for your climb. It is advisable to stay one night at Mesilau Nature Resort/Kinabalu Park and rise early to begin your climb. Normally hikers would stay one night at Laban Rata (or nearby accommodation units) and one night at Mesilau Nature Resort/Kinabalu Park after descending. 5 days 4 nights (or more days) would be more relaxing for you.

Flight can be booked online via:

Air Asia

Malaysia Airlines

Step 4 - Prepare for things to bring

You may get almost every thing you need at Kinabalu Park or Mesilau Nature Resort.

Wear -> T-shirt, wind breaker/rain coat, water proof track bottom, cap, socks (bring at least 4 pairs) and hiking shoes are recommended during the climb. Wear wind breaker and gloves to summit.

Eat -> Bananas+eggs+1 litre of mineral water are recommended during the climb as they are light and able to give you energy. Bananas and eggs are wholesome food that would not make you thirsty. You are not going to party, do not eat too much.

Bring -> Torch light and walking stick are recommended.

To play safe, see Mt Kinabalu Climb Checklist (pdf format).

Step 5 - Train up and go

It is good to train up your stamina before the hike. You may refer to the Mt Kinabalu climb training program or design your own training program.

Don't worry, the mountain climb is not that tough, and it is quite safe as there are porters and mountain guides to carry things for climbers and to guide climbers throughout the way. It is good to let porter to carry your things if you do not have much stamina. If you are exhausted half way, porters will be more than happy to carry you with charges at about US$100/km. Relax your mind and body during the hike and be confident that you will make it.