5 NICE library systems

1. Koha

The world's first free and open source library system.

Koha is a fully featured, scalable library management system. Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies worldwide.


2. Openbiblio

OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality.

That means you can edit almost everything you see here.


3. Senayan

SLiMS (Senayan Library Management System) is an open source Library Management System. It is built on open source technology using PHP and MySQL. SLiMS provides many features such as bibliography database, circulation, membership management and many more that help to automate library tasks. Pustaka Nalanda uses SENAYAN software for the online Public Access Catalog at http://www.pustakanalanda.org/pustaka/senayan3-stable9/.


4. LibraryThing

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.

LibraryThing helps you create a catalog of books: books you own, books you've read, books you would like to read, books you have lent out, etc.


5. Vufind

VuFind is a library resource portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries.