Day 7 - Kunming 昆明

Time flied. Since I had to fly back to my country in the afternoon, I decided to go to places within walking distance from Lost Garden guest house.
Early in the morning, I walked around scenic areas around the Green Lake.  From Green Lake, I walked for about 15 minutes to Yuan Dong Temple 圆通寺.   Afterwards, I walked from Yuan Dong Temple to Kunming Zoo 昆明动物园 in a short distance.  From the zoo, I took the exit which appeared to be the nearest to reach Yunnan University 云南大学 . I was highly conscious about the time at that moment as I needed to leave for the airport soon.

Yuan Dong Temple 圆通寺

Entrance of Kunming Zoo 昆明动物园进口处

A monkey was hanging in the sky  猴子在空中悬挂着

Yak is categorized as a class 1 protected species in China 


Yunnan University 云南大学

Road from lecture hall to cafeteria in Yunnan University


There are a variety of hawker foods outside Yunnan University  


In the afternoon, I walked to the front of Xi yi Hotel 西驿酒店/南疆宾馆 at Xiaoximen (where I came from) to take the Shuttle Express Coach 1 机场空港一号线 to the airport at bus fare RMB25. The frequency of the bus arrival is one in 20-30 minutes. The bus ticket counter is just nearby. 

Though it was just a 7-day travel in Yunnan, the memory of the lovely sceneries and my backpacking experience there enough for me to cherish for a lifetime.

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