Day 4 - Lijiang 丽江

Early in the morning, I departed for Black Dragon Pool/HeiLongTan Gong Yuan 龙潭公园  (near Lijiang Old Town 丽江古城).  It took me about 45 minutes to walk from my guest house near south gate. Later I got to know that I could have taken a bus outside south gate to Black Dragon Pool 龙潭公园 .  I walked towards main water wheel. There I asked people to point me the direction to Black Dragon Pool which is about 15 minutes walking distance away.

Black Dragon Pool is located at the foot of Elephant Hill, a short walk north of the Old Town
of Lijiang.

After the trip of Black Dragon Pool, I went to train ticket counter nearby Red Sun Square
bus stop (This is one of the main bus stop nearby Lijiang Old Town) 红太阳广场车站 to buy
the night train ticket back to Lijiang. The train ticket counter is about 20 minutes walking distance from Black Dragon Pool Park. Alternatively, we could get the train ticket via staff
at the guest house we check-in.

After getting my train ticket, I took a bus from the bus stop in front of Jin Fung shopping
mall 金方超市  (nearby Red Sun Square 红太阳广场)  to Su He old town 束河古镇. No bus
could go directly to Su He old town 束河古镇.  So I need to take bus no. 8 or bus no.11 to
XianGeLi DaDao 香格里大道 and then transfer to a small bus (at RMB2) to Su He old town. It takes about 30-45 minutes’ driving distance from Lijiang Old Town 丽江古城(大研古镇)) to Su He
old town束河古镇.  Bus fare for all public bus (within town) is standardized at RMB1. No
matter how far or short distance you go in town.  

By taking public transport, as a tourist, I had more chances to interact with the locals, to understand the culture and to see the activities of the locals there.

After walking around Su He old town for a few hours, I took a small blue van back to
Lijiang Old Town 丽江古城.  I told the driver to stop me at South Gate Car Park Old Town
古城南门停车场  as I stayed nearby the South Gate.

I walked towards Dragon Spring Temple
龙泉寺 in Su He Old Town. On the way, I passed
Su He Square Street/Si Fang Jie 束河四方街 and the Qing Long Bridge 青龙桥.

Red Sun Square/HongTaiYang GuangChang bus stop

Black Dragon Pool/HeiLongTan Gong Yuan 龙潭公园

Black Dragon Pool/HeiLongTan Gong Yuan 龙潭公园

Black Dragon Pool/HeiLongTan Gong Yuan 龙潭公园

Entrance of Su He old town 束河古镇进口

Su He Square Street/ Si Fang Jie 束河四方街

Su He Square Street/ Si Fang Jie 束河四方街

Qing Long Bridge 青龙桥

Stores nearby Qing Long Bridge 青龙桥附进的店户

Restaurants nearby Qing Long Bridge playing soothing music


Home stay nearby Qing Long Bridge at Su He Old Town


Tourists may opt for riding a horse to go around Su He Old Town


Dragon Spring Temple/LongQuanSi at Su He Old Town


Home Stay nearby Dragon Spring Temple/LongQuanSi at Su He Old Town


Home Stay nearby Su He Old Town 束河古镇附进的民宿

Rose Biscuit is local delicacy in Lijiang 鲜花饼为丽江著名甜点

Private vans stopped nearby Su He Old Town  停于束河古镇附进的面包车

In the evening, I took a private van back to my guest house at Lijiang Old Town.

The van would only leave after taking enough passengers. I need not pay a single

cent that evening for my transport as a group of passengers from ZheJiang Province

divided my fare among themselves after knowing that I was a foreigner in the


Initially, they thought that I was a Chinese tourist, just like them, from other

province. I was so happy to have had the change to enjoy the privilege as a foreigner

that evening. Dear ladies from ZheJiang, I felt grateful for your hospitality. I will

also treat foreigners nicely in my own country, just like what you did to me when

I was in your country.

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