7 days in Yunnan 云南七天游

Day 1-2 (27-28 August 2014) - From Kunming to Dali 从昆明到大理

Day 1 (27 August 2014) – Arrived in Kunming 昆明

I arrived in Kunming in the afternoon. My first mission is to find my way to the guest house.

To go to Lost Garden guest house nearby Green Lake,  at the airport, I caught a bus at route number 1 from exit 3. I did not wait for long as every half an hour, there is an airport bus heading to the city from outside of the airport.  The Airport Express Bus line 1   (RMB25/person) has its final stop not far away from the guest house. After an hour's journey, the bus stopped in front of Hotel West Inn/Xiyi Hotel 西驿酒店. I walked for about 20 minutes to the guest house. Some tourists might opt to take a taxi at about RMB10 to the guest house. Since I preferred walking there, I had more chance to interact with the locals there to get the direction. It appeared to be easy to get the direction from the locals when I mentioned the landmark Green Lake or Cui Hu 翠湖.  

机场大巴坐空港一号线到西驿酒店/南疆宾馆(终点站),25元每人,大概1 个小时到达,每30分钟一班车

Exit 3 at the Kunming airport  三号出口处

Bus ticket counter outside airport where I got ticket for Airport Express Bus line 1

场外机场大巴  空港一号线售票处

Final stop of Airport Express Bus line 1 is in front of Hotel West Inn/Xiyi Hotel  

After walking while enjoying the scenery of Green Lake on the left for about 400 meters, I turned right into a small lane before Green Lake Hotel 翠湖.

Lost Garden Guest house (and other guest houses) are reachable by turning
into a lane beside Green Lake Hotel (where the car stopped)
转进翠湖馆旁边小巷 (车停处) 可至 一丘田7 或其他

Then I turned left for about 3 times and I could see the Lost Garden guest those. Having noticed that there were other guest houses along the
way, I told myself these were choices to go if I could not check in the Lost Garden guest house. 

Given the strategic location of the guest house, it is advisable to do advanced booking. The website is http://www.lostgardenguesthouse.com. 

The place I spent most for my first day in Yunnan was places around Green Lake as it was just 5 minutes’ walking distance from the guest house. In the evening, I had my dinner outside the Green Lake and then went into the Green Lake Garden for my evening walk. Surprisingly, even at night, there were still a lot of locals in Green Lake selling things, chatting, strolling, resting, playing musical instruments and dancing in groups.

I did not walk around for long as I was tired and needed to wake up early the next day to catch a bus to Dali.

Entrance of Green Lake  翠湖进口

Pavement outside of Green Lake is a jogging path for the locals  


Night view in Green Lake 翠湖夜景

Roadside musical performances can be found near Green Lake at night


If I had more time in Kunming, I would go to Jiuxiang Caves, Stone Forest, etc. Some tourists opt for joining tours to go around in Kunming.
There are many travel agencies nearby Green Lake. One of those that I ever considered was 昆明康辉. More information can be found at  http://www.km-cct.com/ or http://www.kmcct.com/.  I can't tell if the service is good or not as I opted for using public transport to travel around in Yunnan.

Day 2 (28 Aug 14) –  from Kunming 昆明 to Dali 大理

Early in the morning, I headed for West Bus Station in Kunming 西部客运站. To get there from Lost Garden guest house,  I walked past HuangGong Dong Jie Road 黄公东街, Wuyi  Lu Road 五一路, Guang Hua Jie Road 光华街 to Dongfeng XiLu Road 东风西路.  At DongFeng XiLu Road 东风西路, I found a bus stop 车站 where I could wait for bus no. 82 to West Bus Station in Kunming 西部客运站.

Most travelers would go to West Bus Station in Kunming to take a bus to Dali


Queue up here to buy Express bus ticket to Dali/Lijiang


Bus waiting area 候车处

I took an Express bus from West Bus Station 西部客运站 to Dali main bus station at Xia Guan Jian She Road 下关建设路 (大理客运总站).  
The trip was about 4 hours. The Express bus costed me RMB138. The ticket was more expensive compared to that of normal bus. 

Upon arriving Dali main bus station at Xia Guan Jian She Road, I took bus no. 8 (no. 4 bus would also pass Dali Old Town) to Dali Old Town. The journey took about 40 min.
I got off at Er Hai Meng nearby Dali Old Town 大理古城洱海门 and walked for about 200m distance to Reng Ming Road in Dali Old Town 大理古城人民路下段. From there I asked the locals for the direction to Lili Xiao Yuen guest house 莉莉小苑 where I decided to
put up for the night. I did not make any booking as I knew that there were plenty of nice guest houses around the area.

If you decide to take a taxi to Dali Old Town, you may tell the taxi driver to stop at Er Hai Meng nearby Dali Old Town 大理古城洱海门. From there, you may just need to walk for about 15 minutes to get to guest houses of Ren Ming Road at Dali Old Town 大理古城人民路下段.

坐8路或4路公交车到大理古城 (40分钟) 洱海门下车,  步行 200米到大理古城人民路下段  

Tourists can take a bus or taxi to Er Hai Men entrance at Dali Old Town 



Dali Lily's Garden Inn 莉莉小苑 

Mao Mao Cool Guest House 猫猫果儿

At Dali Old Town 大理古城, I walked along Fuxing Road 复兴路 to Wu Hua Lou 五华楼.  I could find the largest crowd of people around Wu Hua Lou 五华楼 as it is the main attraction at Dali Old Town. I could get up to the top floor of Wu Hua Lou and took picture of the old town there without having to pay anything as it was evening when I arrived there. During day time, visitors were charged RMB76 to enter Wu Hua Lou. 


At Dali Old Town, walking along Fuxing Road leads you to the Wu Hua Lo tower

于大理古城, 沿 复兴路走可达五华楼

Tourists strolled along Fuxing Road at Dali Old Town


Wu Hua Lou


Overlook from Wu Hua Lou


Water flowing on Jiu Ba Jie/Bar street of Dali Old Town   


View at dusk at Dali Old Town. Lights on at Wu Hua Lou tower .

大理古城   黄昏   华灯初上

Main entrance at Dali Old Town 大理古城正门  

Entrance of Western street at Dali Old Town大理古城洋人街进口处

If you stay more than one night in Dali, you may wish to go to:

Dali Er hai sea 大理洱海

Tian Long Ba Bu filming place 天龙八部影视城 (taxi costs RMB 6 - Opening hours 8.00-17.00 - 1.5km from Dali Old Town大理古城

Entrance fee: RMB38-100)

Dali Three Towers 大理三塔 / 崇圣寺三塔   (Entrance fee: RMB 100) 

Day 1-2 (27-28 August 2014) - From Kunming to Dali 从昆明到大理

Day 3 (29 August 2014) – From Dali to Lijiang 从大理到丽江

Day 4 (30 August 2014) – Lijiang 丽江

Day 5 (31 August 2014) – Lijiang 丽江

Day 6 (1 September 2014) – Kunming 昆明

Day 7 (2 September 2014) – Kunming 昆明